Make It Better – CD

Also available in vinyl for a limited time! Click here.



1. I Don’t Mind the Rain
2. Do You Ever
3. Know
4. Clouds On Her Face
5. When I’m Feeling Better
6. Not Drag Me Down
7. Make It Better
8. Lazy Susan
9. Long Lunch
10. Special Rider
11. Three Score and Ten
With lyrically articulate songwriting, Jeremy Lyons’ new release Make It Better is a delightful array of acoustic roots selections that listeners will notice “take residence” in one’s ear in the most surprising, yet pleasant way. Lyons has crafted a release with no fluff on this taut set of tunes, in a production that is rooted both in the Deep South and the Northeast, with clear influences of Delta Blues, New Orleans street music and the 60s folk revival. The mood is at once wistful yet hopeful; the music evokes the crisp clarity of a day outdoors, whether it be in the Adirondacks or the Louisiana swamp land.
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