Live at Fribourg

1. Salty Dog *
2. Country Boy (F. Eaglin)***
3. Comin’ Home (E. James)***
4. Who Do You Love (E. McDaniel)***

5. Let’s Give A Party**

6. Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby (L. Jordan)**
7. Mystery Train (Parker)**
8. Come On In My Kitchen (R. Johnson)**
9. One Cup Of Coffee (R. Marley)**
10. Everybody Loves My Baby***
11. Cafe Au Lait (J. Lyons)***
12. Early In The Morning (Hickman/Jordan/Bartley)***

13. All By Myself (W. Broonzy)**recorded July 18, 1997, at Festival La Liberte JAZZ PARADE, Fribourg, Switzerland.
**recorded July 17, 1998, Fribourg.
***recorded July 26, 1998, Fribourg.
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