Travel to Ireland with The Busted Jug Band!

Hello friends! I'm pleased to announce a unique opportunity... Join myself and the rest of the Busted Jug Band in a trip to Ireland next spring! The Jug Band and up to 40 guests will be heading to Killarney, Ireland on March 31st, 2017 and staying until April 6th. Packages include air and land costs, sightseeing tours and hotel accommodations, plus performances by the Busted Jug Band most nights. All the details and the form to sign up are HERE. Or you can download¬†a sign up sheet with info HERE. This will be my first trip to Ireland, and I for one will be taking advantage of the tours! Chances are we'll be serenading you all over the place! If you are at all interested you can join the Facebook group HERE for updates and to stay current with discussions and see who else is going. (Also see the new for all things jugband.) From my fellow Busted Jug Band member Kevin Byrne: "I have done many of these trips before with my father (Irish balladeer Eugene Byrne) but this is the first one I am involved with since he passed. I promised him I would have a good time after he was gone and I promise that you will have a good time when you join us next year. The CEO of Brack tours, an old family friend, will be your expert tour guide and story-teller and the whole Jug Band will be there to keep you entertained. Sign up today! Tell your friends and family!" More to come -- please check out the above links, and stay in touch! Jeremy