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Ciao Stella (bella)

Hello Friends,

It is with real sadness that I must announce that Saturday, July 1 will be my last singalong for kids and families at Stellabella Toys in Inman Square, as the store will be closing.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to sing for children virtually every Saturday morning for the past decade. I have benefited in many ways from the opportunity, and from the experience. I am grateful especially to Stella Downey, Rick Henry, and to all the good employees with whom I have worked there over the years. And of course to the parents and the kids: overall the best audience (and often better behaved than the parents). Many I saw grow from infant on up. Many will forget me. But the music’s in there. Somewhere.

The good news is that the Stellabella gig really got me into kids music, and over the past decade I have developed a solid spot for myself in the community. I play in various area libraries, preschools and public events, and I’ll be looking for more, so watch for me — I’ll be around!

And for heaven’s sake, keep singing with your children!
(If you don’t have any, do what I do: borrow some.)

Jeremy Lyons



Jeremy has been busy with multiple projects: Vapors of Morphine recently released a brand new CD entitled “A New Low,” and returned from a short tour of Argentina and Uruguay; the Busted Jug Band received an Iguana Fund grant from Cambridge’ famous folk venue Club Passsim and have been rocking (jugging?) crowds around the area; Mean Black Spider is a brand new group that focuses on stripped down, rhythmic blues and boogie; and Jeremy continues to entertain and educate young children with good old fashioned folk music. Check out the tour page for listings!

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New Demo videos of The Busted Jug Band!


On the heels of the vinyl re-release of the 2014 album “Make It Better,” Jeremy has been busy. Late January/early February found Jeremy on a brief tour with Vapors of Morphine, starting with a gig with Austin friends and tour chauffeurs Alien Knife Fight in New Orleans; also a Deltabilly Boys reunion, and a pickup gig at BJs Bar in Bywater with Jerome, Dana, Greg Schatz and Jeremy that had the house jumping! VoM continued on to Lafayette for a gig with Michael Doucet, more gigs with AKF and others in Houston and Austin. Vapors also flew to San Francisco to play a show at the Swedish American Hall in tandem with the Noise Pop festival screening of the documentary Morphine “Journey of Dreams.” Back in Massachusetts, Jeremy has been working with Vapors of Morphine on an a new album that is nearing completion; he also performs regularly with the Busted Jug Band, who were recently awarded a Passim Iguana Fund Grant for their work performing in rehab and nursing facilities; Jeremy teaches music to and performs for pre-school age kids, teaches guitar and occasionally performs solo. In March he will be presenting a variety of instruments at the Stomping Ground gallery and bar in Putnam, CT (3/13 1pm); on 3/19 he makes his debut performance at the Old Sloop Coffeehouse in Rockport, opening for Brooks Williams.


Gift: Vinyl!!!

Hello Everybody!

My recent folk album Make It Better is now available on vinyl!

Remastered and sounding better than ever on a 180g black platter, it’s currently only available from my website:

The path to the release was a bit murky and fraught with delays. I am so happy it is finally available!

Thanks to all those who helped in the process, from the very talented musicians and engineers, to the friends who contributed to the Pledge Music campaign or otherwise helped to get this project rolling!

Joyful Holidays and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and yours!


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Player of Stringy Things

(If you are here about the kids’ music, click on “DELTASILLY” above (or right over there <–) !!!  Or read the below first — it’s your choice!)



I am Jeremy Lyons, player of many stringy-things — resonator guitars, acoustic and electric guitars and a bunch of guitar-ish instruments: ukulele; six-string banjo; five-string banjo (mostly at home); two-string slide bass (a la Mark Sandman); four-string bass (rather feebly); banjo-ukulele; eight-string electric bouzouki; diddley-bows of various string numbers. And Jew’s harp. (It’s a show-stopper — trust me.)

Oh, and I sing, too. Continue reading

Lessons with Lyons

From Jeremy:

“I do give lessons, and have been gradually posting some very low-quality videos of some high-quality pickin’ and slidin’ tips. Tablature can be purchased for a fair price. Enjoy!”


Introducing the Busted Jug Band

Busted Jug Band

Jeremy Lyons began his career playing in a washboard band on the streets of the French Quarter more than 20 years ago. Now, Jeremy’s newest project The Busted Jug Band is an all-acoustic group that harkens back to the street bands of the early 20th Century in Memphis, New Orleans and other Southern cities. Otherwise known as “Juke Bands,” “Spasm Bands” and “Skiffle Bands,” these hilarious musical organizations featured homemade instruments such kazoo, washboard, jug and washtub bass, as well as guitar, harmonica, banjo, mandolin, etc. The BJB plays Memphis Jug Band songs, plus Blues, Harlem Jive, Hillbilly, New Orleans Jazz, Vaudeville, Irish tunes and other oddities. Kazoo, homemade bass, banjo-uke, tenor guitar, washboard, harmonica and rhythm bones are featured and fun reigns supreme. The Busted Jug creates party music with a low electric bill. Check out their facebook page. (photo by Kate Hopkins)

Kevin Byrne – vocals, guitar, tenor guitar, accordion
Mark Earley – vocals, harmonica, guitar, mandolin, kazoo
Jeremy Lyons – vocals, banjo-ukulele, kazoo, guitar
Robbie Phillips – one-string upright “wombat” bass
Rob Rudin – washboard, rhythm bones, vocals, jug

The Busted Jug Band plays Toad in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Wednesday, May 20 at 10pm, and Joe’s Jazz & Blues Fest at Powderhouse Park in Somerville on Saturday, June 20 at 12:45pm. Jeremy Lyons & the Adjusted Bug Band (Jeremy & the 2 Robs) will be at The Plough & Stars in Cambridge on Saturday, May 23 from 4-6.

Review of Make It Better in The Noise-Boston


Make it Better                           

11 tracks

Jeremy Lyons is a first-rate story teller with a good voice and a friendly pickin’ style. His songs are a little country, a little bluesy, a little folky. I love the song, “Clouds on Her Face,” an anthem written for the woman who finally takes her kids and leaves the abusive bum: “And there’s a cloud on her face when he calls/He don’t give her no space, it appalls her/to think of the life she could’ve had/If that son-of-a-bitch weren’t her children’s dad.” Sultry singer Eilen Jewell joins him on Greg Schatz’s tune, “Make it Better.” Their voices pour like maple syrup over pancakes: “I was wrong/ I was so wrong/Please come back and I’ll make it better.”  “Lazy Susan” sounds like something Johnny Cash might’ve done: “End of month is here/ And it’s that time of year/People moving in and moving out/ Just think what I’d be making/ If I could pay for all I’m taking/ Man, would I be loaded, There’s no doubt.” His cover of Skip James “Special Rider” reminds me of Dave Crosby’s “Long Time Gone”—haunting and full of passion. “Three Score and Ten” could’ve been in the film, “Inside Llewyn Davis”—a classic folk song about mortals on earth. I love this album, I would happily buy a ticket to see Jeremy in concert.      (Kimmy Sophia Brown)

Read it on their website


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